Combating Corona


We’ve got 19 problems but Corona ain’t one. Combat the Corona blues in these difficult times with kindness and laughter. This cute little care package will make someone’s day, with a bottle of Corona, a gourmet Chocolate slab to get them through the munchies, and an adorable little floral arrangement to brighten up their space.


Helium Balloon


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Due to a number of factors going on in the world the fresh flower supply in Australia is currently under pressure.

Our website remains open for all items, however please bare in mind fresh flowers are in limited

 supply and we may not be able to supply you with everything on our website.

We may need to make substitutions but will always keep in the design and colours you chose.

If you require certain flowers and want to clarify exactly what you will be getting please call us on 49727429 and we can assist you with all your enquiries.

We thank you for being so understanding during this time.

We thank you for visiting our website